The world has become a more complicated place. The meetings industry is no different.

Thirty years ago, when Keynote was new, speakers bureaus had a lot of power. They had control over information needed to book a speaker: how to find a specific expert, their standard fee, who was the best in their price range.

Not true anymore. Event planners can go online, access peer recommendations, watch TED videos and YouTube videos, or follow speakers on any number of social platforms. No more gatekeeper. It's the age of open access.

The problem is, anyone can hang out their shingle and say they're the 'premiere world-class internationally-sought-after thought leader.' It's hard to know who's telling the truth.

Keynote used to provide the information a planner needed to make a choice. Now, Keynote provides the planner with the ability to discriminate. Make an informed choice. Is that speaker's fee consistent? Is that book really a bestseller? What extras will be provided? Who's a prima donna backstage? And, most importantly, is this speaker really any good?

Let us do the heavy lifting. You can use the wealth of detail at our disposal, the vetting process (developed over thirty years, and improving all the time) we use to determine who's really a great speaker, and the discriminating eye our experienced agents have to offer. You can have the security of knowing you picked the right person.

We've booked speakers for thousands of successful events. That's not the exaggeration of a new-ish company playing a bit loose with reality to sound more experienced. That's the literal truth, based on our thirty-plus years of focusing all our efforts on booking speakers, and making sure they're the right fit, every time.

We can tell you about the matching criteria we use, about the database of searchable detail about thousands of speakers, about the veteran Keynote staff who have been handling successful events for years.

We can tell you about our impressive client list, and our impressive list of favorite speakers.

We could tell you about our dedication to customer service, to getting the details right.

We could tell you about the industry innovations we're spearheading, and about our commitment to trying new ideas, without losing sight of our clients' goals.

We could tell you about how we do all of this, without costing our clients anything extra.

But we think the only thing that could convince you would be to give us a try.

It's not hard to find a speaker online. But it is hard to find the best speaker, online. Let us put our experience to work for you.